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teens Methodology and Use of
 Early Warning Systems

The SERVE Center sponsored a one day event to share information with key state and district staff about the research on the development and use of early warning systems to identify students at risk of dropping out of high school. The event included discussion around issues associated with implementing and using early warning systems.

Presentations and materials from the one-day conference are available below.

presentation Methodology and Use of Early Warning Systems presentation
 Dr. Julie Edmunds, Sr. Research Specialist, SERVE Center

presentation Methodology and Use of Early Warning Systems: Setting the Context presentation
 Dr. Becky Smerdon, AED

presentation Dropout Early Warning: Who, What, When, and How presentation
 Ralph Thibodeaux, Deputy Director, HS Redesign, Louisiana Department of Education

presentation Student Attendance: Impact on Grades and Graduation presentation
 Dr. Camille Long-Coleman, West Area Director

presentation The On-Track Indicator as a Predictor of High School Graduation presentation
Dr. Elaine Allensworth, Interim Co-Director, Consortium on Chicago School Research

website Access the full report - The On-Track Indicator as a Predictor of High School Graduation
PDF EBE Request #387 - a summary of the research on early warning indicator systems for secondary schools.

PDF EBE Request #470 - summary of the ways that data are used in schools, districts, and states, and by researchers to identify students at-risk for not graduating and/or not achieving career and college readiness.

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