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Team to Teach: A Facilitator's Guide to Professional Learning Teams


Authors:   Anne Jolly

This step-by-step book includes all the necessary guidelines for facilitators to help educators build a successful professional learning team. Written in plain, easy-to-read language, background sections set the stage for each of 10 chapters that steer groups through the process. A comprehensive set of tools, totaling 150 pages, will enable facilitators and learning team leaders to take the necessary actions that will lead to high-performing teams. This publication is available for purchase at the Learning Forward Bookstore.

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Product Specifics

Publisher: National Staff Development Council
Number of pages: 150
Price: $50.00


Teachers, School Administrators, Professional Development Staff

Key Ideas:

  • Building a strong foundation, understanding the process, and preparing to actively support and participate in PLTs requires commitment, creativity, and flexibility.
  • Teams should establish focused goals, plan accordingly, be respectful of each other and the process, and ensure meetings are focused and productive.
  • There are tools and resources available to assist PLTs as they establish their teams and evaluate outcomes.

Ways to use:

  • To assist district and school administrators better understand why PLTs are an important tool to improve teacher quality and practice.
  • To provide PLT facilitators with needed guidance in developing and sustaining teacher teams. 
  • To guide members of PLTs in the roles, responsibilities, and activities of their teams, as well as determine how effective they are.


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Download a free copy of the predecessor to this publication,
 A Facilitator's Guide to Professional Learning Teams

APA Citation:

Jolly, A. (2008). Team to teach: A facilitator's guide to professional learning teams. Oxford, OH: National Staff Development Council