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Privacy and Copyright Policies

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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is straightforward: we collect no personal information about you unless you select to provide that information to us. We do not provide, share, sell, or transfer any personal information to a third party.

Some of our web pages allow users to voluntarily submit personal information about themselves. Such information is primarily used to enable dissemination of SERVE Center publications and materials.

Visiting external links from our Site is at your own discretion. We do not validate the accuracy of information posted on sites you visit or control usage of information that you automatically initiate while on other servers. Please note that other sites may send cookies that solicit personal information or collect data.

The SERVE Center Site does use cookies, but such cookies are used only to turn off functions (on subsequent visits) that are only designed to engage when an individual visits the Site for the first time.

Information from E-mail You Send to Us

If you decide to send us an email, the message will usually contain your return e-mail address. If you include identifying information in your email because you want us to address issues specific to your situation, we may use that information in responding to your request. In other limited circumstances, we may be required by law to disclose information that you submit. Also, email is not necessarily secure against interception. Please send only information necessary to help us process your request.

Information You Post on the Site

Please note that if you post information on the Site or send information to others through the Site (such as on bulletin boards or message boards), that information will be available to the public. You have no expectation of confidentiality or privacy with respect to such information.

Information Collected from Interactive Forms

Some of our Web pages may offer interactive forms that let you voluntarily submit personal information (such as your email address, name, address, et cetera). These forms are for the purpose of gathering information from those who are interested in receiving print or email information and/or news regarding SERVE Center programs. In those cases, all submitted information is used only for the expressed purposes for which it is intended and is not made available to any third party.

Your Agreement

Usage of the Site constitutes acknowledgment of and agreement to this privacy policy. SERVE Center reserves the right to change part or all of the privacy policy at any time. Continuing use of the Site after such changes to the terms of the privacy policy means you acknowledge and agree to those changes.


Permission to use Documents (such as newsletters, policy briefs, press releases, datasheets, and FAQs) from this server ("Server") is granted, provided that (1) the below copyright notice appears in all copies and that both the copyright notice and this permission notice appear, (2) use of such Documents from this Server is for informational and non-commercial or personal use only and will not be copied or posted on any network computer or broadcast in any media without the written permission of SERVE, and (3) no modifications of any Documents are made. Educational institutions (specifically K–12, universities, and state community colleges) may download and reproduce the Documents for distribution in the classroom. Distribution outside the classroom requires express written permission.

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