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Professional Learning Teams

Why is this topic important?

In today’s accountability-driven schools, it is crucial for educators to critically examine student performance as well as their own practice. The building blocks of professional learning teams (PLTs) are collaborative teams of teachers who work together to change the way they teach in order to address students learning needs. To support the need for productive teacher communities of learning and growth, SERVE has developed and piloted a successful Professional Learning Team process. This process provides a way of engaging school faculties in sustained, onsite professional development that builds capacity and collegiality, improves teaching quality, and focuses on student achievement.

What resources can we suggest?

pdf Professional Learning Team FAQs
This FAQ sheet provides basic information about the way the SERVE Center introduces, establishes, and supports Professional Learning Team efforts in schools.

 PLT Workshops and Professional Development
The SERVE Center offers a variety of workshops and learning experiences to engage teachers in collaboratively learning and growing as professionals. Professional Learning Team workshops and follow-up sessions are designed to equip teachers with the knowledge, experiences, and expertise they need in order to systematically work and learn together to improve student outcomes. pdf
 Download an information sheet, or contact us for more information.

presentation Professional Learning Communities 101
The 10-Minute College provides an overview of PLTs—their purpose, the roles and duties of team members, and the use of research in team activities

presentation Professional Learning Communities and Leadership
This brief online training reviews the research supporting PLTs and the important role of administrators in Professional Learning Teams.

A Facilitator's Guide to Professional Learning Teams
This early guidebook provides tools and information that can help facilitators establish professional learning teams in schools.

Team to Teach: A Facilitator's Guide to Professional Learning Teams 
An updated and expanded version of A facilitator's Guide to Professional Learning Teams, this guidebook provides tools and information that can help facilitators establish professional learning teams in schools and help teachers who commit to this process stay on track throughout the year.
Note: This publications is available for purchase at the Learning Forward Bookstore.


For more information on Professional Learning Teams, contact Katie Dufford-Melendez.