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A Better 9th Grade: Early Results from an Experimental Study of the Early College High School Model

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  • Author: Julie Edmunds

To increase the number of students graduating from high school prepared for college, North Carolina has established the largest number of Early College High Schools (ECHS) in the United States. According to 9th grade results from a rigorous, experimental study, North Carolina’s early college high schools are creating more positive school environments for students resulting in improved attendance, reduced suspensions, and increased numbers of students on-track for college. These schools are also successfully expanding the initial part of the college preparatory pipeline for students of all backgrounds.

A Parent's Guide to Class Size Reduction

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  • Author: Art Hood

This publication defines class size reduction, provides an overview of class size reduction research, lets parents know what to expect from a class size reduction program, and answers frequently asked questions.

A Review of Methods and Instruments Used in State and Local School Readiness Evaluations

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  • Author: Catherine Scott-Little, Glyn Brown, Lucy Wynn, Lynn Amwake

This report provides detailed information about the methods and instruments used to evaluate school readiness initiatives, discusses important considerations in selecting instruments, and provides resources and recommendations that may be helpful to those who are designing and implementing school readiness evaluations.

Access and Opportunities to Learn are Not Accidents: Engineering Mathematical Progress in Your School

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  • Author: Wlliam F. Tate, IV

As a companion to Turning Despondency into Hope: Charting New Paths to Improve Students' Achievement and Participation in Science Education, the focus of this new SERC publication, written by Dr. William Tate, is largely devoted to how time can best be used to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics, and ultimately the performance of students on measures of mathematics achievement.

Assessing Kindergarten Children: A Compendium of Assessment Instruments

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  • Author: Judith Niemeyer, Catherine Scott-Little

This compendium reviews 60 assessment instruments to use with preschool and kindergarten-age children. Administration manuals from each of the instruments are reviewed. Each review explains the purpose of the instrument, how it is administered, and where it can be obtained. The compendium provides a one stop resource for information on early childhood assessment instruments.