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Evaluations of School Readiness Initiatives: What are we Learning?

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  • Author: Glyn Brown, Catherine Scott-Little

This is a synthesis of evaluations and research on school readiness programs. In addition to looking at what impact the programs have on student outcomes, the methods used to study these programs and developed recommendations for improving the data collection—as well as improving student outcomes—in school readiness programs were also examined.

Evidence-Based Decisionmaking: Assessing Reading Across the Curriculum Interventions

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  • Author: Karla Lewis, Wendy McColskey, Kim Anderson, Treana Bowling, Katie Dufford-Melendez, Lucy Wynn

This document provides an overview of what reading across the curriculum interventions states and school districts.

Experiential Learning for Pre-service Science and Mathematics Teachers: Applications to Secondary Classrooms

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  • Author: Penny J. Gilmer, Lori Livingston Hahn, M. Randall Spaid

In this monograph, the writers offer the field a significant view of what happens when pre-service teachers, practicing teachers, and practicing scientists work together as co-learners.

Financing Class Size Reduction

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  • Author: C. M. Achilles

This publication examines resource issues related to successful class size reduction program implementation. The finance guide provides definitions of class size reduction terminology with implications for understanding class size research, guidelines for financing class size reduction implementation, case studies of successful class size reduction implementations at little or no extra expenditure, and a summary of class size reduction cost-benefit considerations. It also includes a comprehensive bibliography.

How to Assess Student Performance in History: Going Beyond Multiple-Choice Tests

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  • Author: Julie Edmunds

The purpose of this document is to help teachers implement effective assessment strategies when teaching history. The primary audience for this publication is third through twelfth grade teachers who cover the topic of history in their instruction. Secondary audiences include school administrators, district and state curriculum staff, or individuals providing professional development.