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How to Assess Student Performance in Science: Going Beyond Multiple-Choice Tests

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  • Author: Wendy McColskey, Rita O'Sullivan, Susan Butler

This publication provides science teachers with an easy introduction to rigorous assessment methods.

How to Assess Student Performance in Science: Using Classroom Assessments to Enhance Learning

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  • Author: Nancy McMunn, Susan Butler

This publication is used to enhance the use of formative assessment practices in the classroom. These formative practices are ones that support students while they are learning. The practices also ensure that students receive feedback and guidance on their performances in a timely manner, so they can make improvements to those performances before being evaluated. This will help teachers do the following: (a) clarify science learning targets for their students, (b) understand the range of assessment methods available to teachers and explore the alignment of these methods to learning targets, (c) analyze assessment information to determine individual student learning needs, (d) modify instructional and/or assessment practices to enhance student learning, and (e) reflect on current grading practices and determine if current methods accurately portray student achievement.

How to Recruit and Retain Teachers and Other School Leaders in Hard-to-Staff Rural and Small School Districts

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  • Author: Charles Ahearn, Hobart Harmon, John R. Sanders

In this book, with the assistance of a network of superintendents, we provide tools to assist in a systematic approach to the recruitment, selection, appointment, socialization, management, and retention of teachers and other leaders.

Improving Student Motivation: A Guide for Teachers and School Improvement Teams

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  • Author: Judith Meece, Wendy McColskey

This document presents a general overview of current research and thought on student motivation in classroom and school settings. It is designed as a resource to help teachers and school teams analyze the sources of students' motivational problems and consider changes that will improve motivation.

Inside the Content: The Breadth and Depth of Early Learning Standards

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  • Author: Catherine Scott-Little, Sharon Lyn Kagan, Victoria Stebbins Frelow

This report details results from a content analysis conducted on 38 sets of early learning standards available for review in November 2003. The report provides an in-depth look at the areas of children’s learning and development that have and have not been addressed in early learning standards developed by states to define expectations for preschool-age children.