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Leandro: The Merging of Adequacy and Standards-Based Reforms

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  • Author: Ann McColl, J.D.

The document reviews the history of school finance litigation, with particular emphasis on the Leandro lawsuit.

Learning From Failure: A Discussion Guide on High School Reform

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  • Author: Julie Edmunds

This document summarizes some existing literature and research on the reasons behind the failure of many school reforms.

Levers for Change: Southeast Region State Initiatives to Improve High Schools

  • PDF
  • Author: Julie Edmunds, Wendy McColskey

This descriptive report aims to stimulate discussion about high school reform among Southeast Region states.

Measuring Student Engagemement in Upper Elementary Through High School: A Description of 21 Instruments

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  • Author: Jennifer Fredricks, Wendy McColskey

This report reviews the characteristics of 21 instruments that measure student engagement in upper elementary through high school. It summarizes what each instrument measures, describes its purposes and uses, and provides technical information on its psychometric properties.

Planning for Terrific Transitions: A Guide for Transitions to School Teams

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  • Author: Denise Hale, Glyn Brown, Lynn Amwake

Planning for terrific transitions: A guide for transition-to-school teams focuses on the need to facilitate children's transition to kindergarten. The training is designed to help learners improve their transition processes through more effective planning, implementation, and evaluation.The training package includes the trainer’s guide, a participant’s guide, a CD with all the transparencies needed, and a copy of all the handouts necessary for the training.